Thyme 2021

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From Flower to Jar, we can trace, check and verify that our products are of the highest quality, free of pollutant and chemicals.

All our batches are collected separately according to seasons and blossoms in the Troodos mountain range of Cyprus.
In order to preserve all the nutrients, its authentic flavour and its unique aromas we do not filter or heat our Honey.
Every single batch is sent for analysis for quality criteria’s and to ensure that its free of chemicals and pollutant.

From flower to jar, traceability


Apianthos Organic Thyme Honey

Honey Batch #210721

Harvested on July 21st 2021

Bottled on October 15th 2021

Best Before Date: July 2031 (indicative date, in fact, Honey keeps for ever)



Low lands of the northern side of the Troodos mountains

Altitude: 450 m


At the end of May, following a very cold and dry spring in the mountains and after harvesting our spring Honey, we decided to move some hives in the lowlands of the Troodos Mountains range where grows the wild Thyme bushes. The very dry conditions were hard on the bees, and they did struggle to bring back nectar resulting in a small production. Small in quantity but exceptional in quality!


The Thyme Honey from Cyprus is very different that the one in Greece or around the Mediterranean Sea. The local Terroir and unique geology allow for a more complex range of flavors.


Our Thyme honey is very distinctive, on the nose you will find a delicate blend of dry orange peel and leather aromas. In your mouth its velvety texture will unroll the complexity of the blend of wildflowers, the thyme dominates with its almost musky notes but is complemented by the gentleness of the wild myrtle.


This batch as a Diastase Number of 30.9! It is exceptionally high and places this honey up on the list of the healthiest honeys in the world alongside the Manuka and Buckwheat Honeys.

Recommended in a healthy diet

A good source of antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties, heal wounds, phytonutrient powerhouse, help for digestive issues,soothe a sore throat

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