Summer Flowers 2021

Premium Quality Guaranteed


From Flower to Jar, we can trace, check and verify that our products are of the highest quality, free of pollutant and chemicals.

All our batches are collected separately according to seasons and blossoms in the Troodos mountain range of Cyprus.
In order to preserve all the nutrients, its authentic flavour and its unique aromas we do not filter or heat our Honey.
Every single batch is sent for analysis for quality criteria’s and to ensure that its free of chemicals and pollutant.

From flower to jar, traceability

Apianthos Organic Summer Flowers Honey

Honey Batch #290721

Harvested on July 29th 2021

Bottled on October 18th 2021

Best Before Date: July 2031 (indicative date, in fact, Honey keeps for ever)



Biosolea Organic Botanic Park

Altitude: 900 m


This batch comes from a sedentary apiary placed in our unique organic botanical park in Esso Galata. Our Park spreads on 10 Ha around the clear and pure waters of the Artemis Lake. We planted thousands of different species of plants and always had in mind the wellness of our bees.


The result is a velvety amber Honey, so complex that it is very hard for us to describe. It is truly unique and will take you to an incredible journey through the diversity of the flavors range.


Its Diastase Number is also very high with 23.1, which makes it not only delicious but also very healthy!

Recommended in a healthy diet

A good source of antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties, heal wounds, phytonutrient powerhouse, help for digestive issues,soothe a sore throat

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