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About Us

Taste the Troodos Mountains in Our Honey

Bees, essential for pollinating 80% of our food, are at the heart of our process. At Apianthos, our sustainable beekeeping practices include nurturing diverse flowers and plants and promoting a biodiverse ecosystem.

Our dedication to sustainability and biodiversity is fundamental, reflecting our belief in natural authenticity. Our organic, raw, unfiltered honey from Cyprus’s Troodos Mountains showcases this commitment.

Discover the essence of nature with our ethically sourced, pure organic honey, a direct experience of our ethos.

Apianthos nomadic hives

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Proud of our origins

Apianthos is produced in the Troodos Mountain Range geographical area in Cyprus. We have nomadic hives that migrate according to the different flower blossoms and provide our specialty honey. Our resident bees stay all year long in our unique Organic Botanical Bee Park.

We work with nature; our approach is synergetic and holistic. Our natural beekeeping methods have created a symbiotic relationship with our bees and the biodiverse ecosystem surrounding us.

Our system is completely inclusive; we do everything ourselves: making our hives from raw wood, using our wax, breeding our queens, making our own organic pest control, etc.

From Flower to Jar, we have uncompromising values and transparency protocols because we know how important it is for you to be certain about the origins and quality of your honey.

Troodos Mountain Range geographical area in Cyprus
Pure unfiltered raw honey

Trust & Respect

Our colonies have thrived for over thirty years, fostering a relationship of care and trust that benefits the environment, its biodiversity, bees, and humans. Bees recognizing our care allow us to work within the hives without the need for smoke or protective suits, demonstrating our mutual respect.

This balance is one of our greatest rewards.

  • No protective suits are needed.
  • Untreated woods are used.

Apianthos is more than a honey brand with a rich history; it’s an ecological project driven by people passionate about honey and nature. We’re eager to share our unique and authentic raw honey from Cyprus.

Smart Beekeeping

We embrace innovation as a way to preserve our traditions and the environment.

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