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pure natural raw organic honey

Pure natural
raw organic honey

Our honey is harvested without smoke on virgin wax, we allow it to crystalize naturally.

from the habitats of troodos mountains

from the habitats of Troodos mountains

Pure Honey from the Troodos mountain range, incredible biodiversity, endemic plants, natural beekeeping and sustainable practices in balance with the environment.

from flower to jar

from flower
to jar

From flower to jar, we control every step of the process and want to share it with you as we believe in food transparency.

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Jar 930g



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Our Story

Apianthos is not only a honey brand with a rich history, it is an ecological project run by people, professionals who know and love organic honey and nature.

We are here to share this experience with you, unique and authentic raw honey from Cyprus..

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nature's creation

Transparency hub

Authenticity vs Food Fraud Read More

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Authenticity vs Food Fraud

Regrettably, honey ranks at the top of the list of the most fraudulent foods globally, resulting in an unjust market for both artisan producers such as us, and for customers who fall victim to deceit.

Full Transparency

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Full Transparency

At Apianthos we believe in full transparency, our honey is of exceptional quality and we are proud to share our laboratory results. We follow every single batch coming from our apiaries scattered around the Troodos mountains.

Verify Our Lab Results & Certifications

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Verify Our Lab Results & Certifications

Each batch of Apianthos Honey is sent to an independent accredited laboratory for analysis, focusing on quality criteria and to rule out any trace of chemical pollutants or antibiotics. We run pollen analyses to make sure our honey’s appellations are on the mark.
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Taste the sweetness of real organic honey

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