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Organic Raw Honey
Pure, Unfiltered, Natural


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Pure Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey

Pure Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey

Discover our naturally crystallized honey, harvested without smoke on virgin wax, to ensure purity and natural essence.

Apianthos organic honey: Nature's Gift from the Troodos Mountains.

Nature's Gift from the Troodos Mountains

Experience the unique biodiversity and sustainable beekeeping from Cyprus's Troodos Mountains, where pure organic honey thrives among endemic flora.

Ethically sourced honey through sustainable beekeeping, ensuring a transparent journey from flower to jar.

Transparent Journey from Flower to Jar

Our honey is a symbol of quality and ethical commitment. It is transparently sourced and sustainably produced from flower to jar, embodying our dedication to natural purity.

Our Organic Honey Flavours

Apianthos Organic Raw Honey

Our Story

Apianthos is more than just a honey brand with a rich history; it’s an ecological endeavor led by experts passionate about organic honey and nature.

We aim to share a unique and authentic raw honey experience from Cyprus.

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